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In addition to soup, salads and sandwich's, we have an extensive selection of wine, beer and cheese.  We also have a large selection of prepared food.  Each morning, muffins, scones, cinnamon rolls and danish are baked fresh!  Come and check us out! 


Call us at 207.985.1200

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Hot Panini Sandwiches



Hot, Hot Sicilian ~ 12.00

    Hot Capicola, fresh mozzarella, roasted red

    peppers & hot pepper relish

North End ~ 12.50

    Prosciutto, Genoa Salami, fresh mozzarella, banana         peppers,  pesto, tomatoes & shaved red onions

Paulie's Italian ~ 13.50

    Hot Capicola, Genoa Salami, ham, provolone, green

    peppers, shaved red onions, tomatoes, pickles, black

    olives hot pepper relish, olive oil, salt & pepper


Caprese ~ 11.25

    Fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, pesto, balsamic reduction,     salt & pepper


Toscana ~ 12.25

    prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, pesto, olive oil

    salt & pepper

Napolitano ~ 12.75

    Eggplant, ricotta cheese, roasted red peppers & pesto

Reuben ~ 12.50

    Corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss & thousand island


Tuna Melt ~ 12.50

   Avocado, shaved red onions, tomatoes & provolone

Sandwich menu is offered in the shop only.

Sandwich platters are available upon request.

Cold Sandwiches



California Turkey Club ~ 12.75

    Turkey, bacon, sprouts (when available), avocado,     tomatoes,  lettuce & roasted garlic aioli

Roast Beef ~ 12.25

    Roast beef, red onion, lettuce, tomato & horseradish


Chicken Caesar Wrap ~ 12.75

    Romaine, parmesan, croutons & house Caesar dressing


Classic Chicken Salad ~ 11.75

    Celery, mayonnaise, lemon, lettuce, salt & pepper


Tuna Salad ~ 11.75

    Celery, mayonnaise. lemon, salt & pepper, shaved red onions, lettuce & tomatoes


Hummus Wrap ~ 12.50

    Hummus, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, green peppers, sprouts (when available), carrots, lettuce & feta


Ham ~ 11.75

    Ham, Brie, Dijon mustard, lettuce & tomatoes




Bread Choices


focaccia, baguette, ciabatta bun, marbled rye, sourdough, honey wheat or oat top multi-grain


Soup & Salads


Soup changes daily.

Caesar ~ 11.00

    Romaine, parmesan cheese, croutons & house caesar

Garden ~ 12.00

    Little Leaf Lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, green peppers & house balsamic vinaigrette 

Chef ~ 16.00

    Little Leaf Lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, green peppers, ham, turkey, provolone, swiss, boiled egg & house balsamic vinaigrette 


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